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World of Warships Blitz launch date set for January 2018

Players looking for naval action on the go can pre register as of today

Published on: Saturday 23rd December, 2017
World of Warships Blitz Boxart

World of Warships Blitz

Available on: iOS
Publisher: Wargaming
Developer: Wargaming
PEGI Rating: 7+

Following on from the success of its PC big brother, Wargaming today announced that a mobile version of World of Warships, titled World of Warships Blitz, will be launching on the 18th January.

Following in the footsteps of World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships Blitz offers an authentic, yet streamlined take on the ship based warfare of the original. Letting you take direct control of one of four classes of WW2 ship, from lumbering battleships, to strategically important aircraft carriers and nimble destroyers, World of Warships Blitz offers fast paced, 7 on 7 naval battles with a slightly more casual bent.

World of Warships Blitz Screenshot

It all looks surprisingly similar to the PC version...

Along with a huge line up of some 90 ships, spanning the fleets of the Japan and the US, along with cruisers from Germany and the USSR (sadly missing out the greatest navy in the world once again), World of Warships Blitz will also use your standard Wargaming ID, letting you switch between devices (like tablet and mobile) while retaining progress. As an added bonus for such a team based game, it also comes with support for friend invites, and perhaps most importantly, iOS and Android cross play, letting any and all players of the game play together.

"As a mobile game, World of Warships Blitz is casual, easy to learn and super competitive," said Thaine Lyman, Head of Shooters at Wargaming Mobile. "Short battles, easy controls, and an impressive roster of ships are all right there from launch. We're happy to welcome World of Warships Blitz into the Wargaming Mobile portfolio."

World of Warships Blitz Screenshot

Practice your naval tactics on the go...

If you're interested in taking World of Warships Blitz for a spin, you can pre-register your interest in the game as of today, with anyone who signs up receiving a free premium ship - a Tier III Soviet cruiser named Aurora - when the game goes live. To register your interest in World of Warships Blitz, simply follow this link - or if you fancy reading more about the PC version, be sure to check out our chat with Wargaming about the new Pan Asian Destroyers, and our strategic guide to using deepwater torpedoes.


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