Want to star in the next Just Dance

Want to star in the next Just Dance?

Get yourself up to Newcastle on the 19th April and audition to be in the game!

Just Dance 2014 Boxart

Just Dance 2014

Platform: Nintendo Wii
Also on: WiiU,
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
PEGI Rating: 3+
Players Offline: 1 - 4

Supported Controllers

This game can be played using a Wii Remote on its own.


With the last Just Dance 4 downloadable songs now out of the door, and the road to the next game (currently believed to be Just Dance 5) well under way, we reported a few months ago having spotted a casting call on a French website, looking for dancers to audition for a role in a new Just Dance game. Presumably performing the routines we'll all then be copying, the advert specified they were looking for a wide range of styles including Dancehall, Reggaeton and 'Girly'. But while budding Just Dancers in the UK may have been a bit miffed, as the auditions were held exclusively in Paris, they'll soon be getting their own chance to shine, as Ubisoft have announced details of a second casting call, which will be held in the distinctly more local climes of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

With a fairly demanding list of requirements, potential dancers will be in for a full day of auditions, with a warm-up starting at 12, a solo performance to their own music at 1pm (at which point some will be let go), before moving on to the Just Dance routine stage at 2:30pm. Slightly different to the French request, dancers will then be asked to follow a routine from Just Dance 4, either in groups, or solo, "to display versatility and the ability to learn steps and movements quickly". Or, you could just cheat, by having a sneaky go at home before you show up...

While no fee is mentioned on the UK advert, the French website we found the Parisian casting call on mentioned dancers would be paid 800 euros per shoot, or roughly £650 should they be lucky enough to get the job. So, for the chance to see your face in the game, and potentially earn a bit of extra moolah, why not head to Newcastle on Friday, and get ready to strut your stuff!


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