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Unlock All The Coloured Yoshis In Mario Tennis

The great Yoshi chase may be over but you can still get the ones you missed

Published on: Monday 13th August, 2012
Mario Tennis Open Boxart

Mario Tennis Open

Available on: 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
PEGI Rating: 3+
Players (Local Wireless): 1 - 4

Supported Controllers

This game mostly uses the 3DS's gyro sensor


To celebrate the launch of Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS a few months back, Nintendo came up with an interesting scheme, known as 'The Great Yoshi Chase', where seven differently coloured Yoshis could be added to your game by scanning the QR codes, which had been left scattered around... well... everywhere! Whether it was in Asda stores or Facebook, the hunt actually finished a while ago – and while Google may have been the friend of completionists everywhere, Nintendo have now stuck all of the QR codes into one handy video so you can nab them all without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Mario Tennis Open Screenshot

What is it with older brothers and beating their younger siblings up?

While they may look like your printer sneezed onto a piece of paper, your 3DS can read these higgledy piggledy blocks of black and transform them into a rainbow of Yoshis. But there's a bit of a trick to getting your Mario Tennis Open game to switch into scanning mode – on the file select screen, simply press up on the +Control Pad and the start button at the same time. From there you just need to point your 3DS at each of the QR codes and it'll scan them into your game – magic. Each Yoshi has their own special talents – whether it's the speedy blue dinosaur that takes a leaf out of Sonic's book, the powerful Yellow Yoshi that can do some serious smashes, or the trick-shot specialist White Yoshi.

Mario Tennis Open is another one of those games where all the Mushroom Kingdom characters set aside their differences, promise not to kidnap anyone and enjoy a few relaxing rounds of sport. With its easy to pick up and play Tennis gameplay, you can take part in singles or doubles matches in either single player or multiplayer, as well as trying your hand at a whole host of crazy takes on Tennis in the special game modes. Ever wondered what the original Super Mario platform game would be like when crossed with Tennis? Neither have we, but with Mario Tennis Open you can find out.

So without further ado, here's your Yoshi-packed video. We're afraid that the video will only work for European 3DS users though:


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