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Playstation 3 iconPlaystation 4 icon
Star Ocean V: Integrity and Faithlessness announced
Sci-fi role playing game coming to Japan - first trailer and screens inside
Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo Wii U iconPlaystation 3 icon
Disney Infinity 3.0 Leak Reveals Star Wars Characters
The leaked image shows off characters Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano.
Playstation 4 iconNintendo 3DS iconPS Vita iconPlaystation 3 iconXbox One iconXbox 360 icon
Mega Man's "Spiritual Successor" to Release September 2015
Mighty No.9, created by the same genius behind Mega Man, will grace our consoles this summer.
Xbox One iconPlaystation 4 iconPlaystation 3 iconXbox 360 iconPC icon
Just Cause 3 Reveal Trailer Released
Prepare for explosions, random chaos and a whole lot of fun.
Xbox 360 iconNintendo Wii iconNintendo Wii U iconPlaystation 3 iconPlaystation 4 iconXbox One icon
Disney Infinity 3.0 character leak reveals Olaf and Mulan
A snowman and a Chinese legend fighting side by side? What could go wrong!
Playstation 4 iconXbox One iconNintendo Wii U iconXbox 360 iconPlaystation 3 icon
Will Portal, Scooby Doo, and the Simpsons be making their way to LEGO Dimensions?
Looks like Homer, Scooby Doo and Chell are off to save the day. That's not weird, right?
Playstation 4 iconXbox One iconPC icon
The Force is strong with Star Wars: Battlefront's new reveal trailer
Pre-order details, release date, playable Vader and all the other info we have on DICE's Star Wars Shooter
Nintendo 3DS icon
Man does worst ever Pokemon tattoo - on himself
Dubbed "Shartmander", it's taken the internet by storm. But can you guess what it is yet?
Playstation 4 iconXbox One iconNintendo Wii U iconPlaystation 3 iconXbox 360 icon
Guitar Hero Live is the latest Guitar Hero game
The next Guitar Hero is on it's way - and it's a bit different to how you remember it.
Nintendo 3DS icon
Japan's Pokemon Train is the coolest train you'll ever see
Specially themed set brings smiles to parts of Japan affected by the 2011 tsunami
Playstation 4 iconXbox One iconNintendo Wii U icon
LEGO Dimensions announced - comes with build your own portal
UPDATED: LEGO takes on Skylanders in the latest "toys to life" adventure - and we have all the details
Xbox One icon
Two brand new Trailers for Halo 5: Guardians released
Microsoft & 343 Industries encourage fans to #HuntTheTruth in a new mysterious ad campaign
Nintendo Wii U icon
Yoshi's Woolly World gets a release date in the latest Nintendo Direct
Mario Maker, Fire Emblem and Mario Kart get updates too
Playstation 4 iconXbox One icon
Want specific songs in Rock Band 4? Suggest them!
Also another fan survey to complete
Nintendo Wii U iconNintendo 3DS icon
Get 60 free Wii U and 3DS games on the Stars Catalogue
Got some stars points left over? Now's the time to spend them!
Nintendo 3DS iconNintendo Wii U icon
Nintendo announce new console, the Nintendo NX
Well, we say announce. We mean we have literally a sentence from Iwata about it
Xbox One iconPlaystation 4 iconPC icon
Tembo the Badass Elephant is the new game from the Pokemon devs
Game Freak and SEGA team up to make a game about an elephant you don't want to mess with...
Nintendo 3DS iconiOS icon
What are Game Freak, the Pokemon devs, working on next?
SEGA tease partnership with Pokemon team, elephants, and grenades
Playstation 4 iconXbox One icon
A First Look at Rock Band 4's Instruments
Get ready for some plastic fantastic periperal porn!
Xbox One icon
Custom Halo 5, Witcher 3, Ori Xbox One controllers announced
Who needs money when you have controllers as awesome as these?
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