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What can we learn from the Sims 4 Restaurant/Kids Stuff Pack tease?

A very short trailer, but with plenty of info contained within

The Sims 4: Get Together gets delayed till December

Upcoming Sims expansion gets put back a month

The Sims 4: Get To Work Expansion Announced

It's no Pets though...

EA Press Conference - Gamescom 2014

Dragons, sports, cops and robbers and simulated people all made an appearance

E3 2014: The Sims 4, Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect 4 shine at EA's conference

EA's conference highlights


The Sims 4 Hands-on: Hitting the motherlode

Explosive laughter, wannabe billionaires and Sims of all shapes and sizes coming this September


PEGI Age Ratings: Video game ratings explained

Do you know your PEGI 3 from your PEGI 12? Here's all you need to know about game age ratings

How (not) to fall in love on the Sims 4

There's snogs, sultry looks and stripping as we go hands-on with the SIms 4

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